Are Precious Metals A Good Investment?

We all love jewelry to some extent, whether it’s a wedding ring or a favorite necklace. Each piece is made with a precious metal. Precious metals are categorized by their metallic chemical elements which give them value to us. Ways that we use precious metals are by making jewelry, coins, etc. Which puts them as a high value metal due to command. There are also many ways, as an investor, to keep an eye on your investments because there are many sites that keep up with the metal prices daily. So, you never have to worry about missing any important change.

The most common of these precious metals is gold. There are many ways to make this metal work for you if you intend to buy and make things from it, like a store. A lot of people will actually hoard this precious metal. They feel safe with it because it won’t be dropping its’ value. Which, in turn makes this a very good idea to invest in this metal, especially for a beginning investor. There are many reasons why people feel the need to hoard gold, a couple being inflation and war. Gold has gone up immensely since 2017.

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The second most common would be silver. Silver is a lot like gold in ways of hoarding and being used for most of the same things as gold. It has been used for other things though that gold isn’t always such as most technical gadgets, medical items and more. In the past 4 years, silver has jumped up $17,000 in 2017 to near $28,000 in 2021. Silver has proven its’ worth in the world as its own investment or even partnered up with others.

Platinum can be a bit pricier, however. This is because platinum is more-so used in the automotive industry, other than the jewelry industry. Platinum only comes from two sources for us which is Africa and Russia. Which in turn makes this metal more sought after. It has gone up in the past 4 years along with the others but still bounces on the pricing scale. Platinum comes from the Earths’ crust so it cannot be come across as simply. The use of platinum in lab equipment, electrical items, jewelry, and the list goes on, things that we use in our day to day lives. There will always be a need for platinum.

Last, but not least (just the least known about) Palladium. This one is more-so used for the industrial side of the world. But also known for its’ uses in medicine, groundwater treatment and more. So, this is a very important metal to us just as much as the other three will always be. This is usually added to jewelry to intensify the metals strength once mixed and made. It has a big part in making catalytic converters which is used for cars and other things, which so is platinum, so they all work hand in hand with each other, which makes our lives better.

What it sums down to about metals being important enough to invest in, is that they are. As long as we are on Earth, we will always have a need for these metals because they are used in a very important way for us to live and continue having our freedom to have things such as cars, dentistry equipment, products for hospitals, and so much more that we as regular citizens don’t even realize. Precious metals are not only good to invest in on the bigger business side of them, but also for the every day Joe. This is because it makes a way to sit on your money so to speak while the value of them doesn’t typically make a drastic change and in which case, you can always check it, every day, for real time prices. You don’t always have to have millions in order to invest in precious metals which also makes it a great reason to invest so that you have a peace of mind in where your invested money went.